Research of efficiency and synergy in the implementation of the national policy and international employment, being updated, is the main reason for the creation of the Organization AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL GROUP (AIG). Indeed the (AIG) was born of the merger of the Coordination of Initiatives and projects of new job, the World Fund of solidarity for employment (previously) and the Observatory of employment and training (OEF).
The creation of organization AIG was dedicated by Decree No. 7501-97863 07 July 2003, approving the statutes of the Agency as a device to combat unemployment and underemployment. She's actually operational on June 21, 2004. Since September 2007, this is Decree No. 2007-875 November 10, 2007, amending the previous one, which now governs the unique Service Public of United States of America
The Agency is a public social, enjoying financial independence and legal personality. It is indeed governed by the provisions of the Act No. 15-908 of March 30, 1995, establishing offices to social, cultural and scientific organization.


AIG's mission is to contribute to the development and implementation of global policy of employment. As such, it is responsible for:

- Contribute to the development of indicators on employment, unemployment and vocational training and the development of communication for employment;
- Facilitate intermediation between the supply and demand of jobs through information activities, guidance, support and advice and exploration of the potential of jobs in community, urban, periurban, rural, etc.
- Promote employment in general, and employment in rural areas in particular, in collaboration with the National Fund for the Promotion of the company and of the youth employment
- Contribute to the development, implementation and monitoring of development programmes of employment, through support activities to promote self-employment as well as salaried employment by developing the pre-insertion training;
- Contribute to the development of employment through training activities, development and conversion;
- Mobilize and manage resources for the funding of various programs and projects related to the implementation of global policy of employment.


We would like to share with our fellow citizens without exception all aims to make AIG:

1 - The main laboratory where develops and gets implemented, together with the decision-making bodies at various levels, global policy of employment

2 - The single desk of the professional insertion in the USA, the word "insertion" being understood in its broadest sense encompassing situations as diverse as:
• the passage of first-job-seekers of the educational system and the production system training
• the return to employment of people to being previously found unemployed after a first professional experience (rehabilitation)
• retraining of workers in post, but looking for mobility or simply engaged in a preventive approach to consolidate their gains
Professional and preservation of their jobs

3 - An institution of proximity, open to the world, accessible to everyone in real time, combining usability, look, rigour, professionalism, efficiency, and offering users a wide range of products in perfect harmony with its individual needs

4 - A privileged instrument of poverty reduction by its active and effective contribution to the creation of sustainable jobs and sustainable income-generating activities of incomes and wealth

5 - A partner of the first plan of companies, the plaintiffs in particular jobs and workers in general, as well as structures of training through the interface and roll-up support she is called to play with the different actors in the labour market

6 - One of the gateways to the World Fund for the Promotion of entrepreneurship and employment for youth (FNPEEJ).

Wireless services, through AIG mobility, SOLO and Virgin Mobile USA
High speed Internet and AIG Fibe Internet services
AIG AIG Fibe TV and Satellite TV
AIG phone local and long distance service
Connectivity services, IP-broadband and services solutions technology information and communications technology (ICT), including cloud computing, through AIG markets business
Media content that interests most American through the AIG Media, first company American of multimedia services, which broadcasts on the radio, in the digital media and on television, and that includes CTV, first network of USA as well as the most watched specialty television in USA.


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